“Bin Picking for Ship-Building Logistics Using Perception and Grasping Systems”2023-02-07T20:39:57+02:00
Mari4_YARD video: 3D scanning system for inside localization without markers2022-12-02T13:08:23+02:00
Mari4_YARD video: welding procedure with dynamic joint detection2022-12-02T13:08:38+02:00
Mari4_YARD video: projection-based AR for human assistance in the shipbuilding sector2022-11-23T17:21:02+02:00
Mari4_YARD video: collaborative mobile manipulator for intralogistics tasks2022-11-23T17:12:41+02:00
Mari4_YARD video: Shipyard production planning based on aerial surveillance2022-11-23T17:06:14+02:00
Mari4_YARD video: exoskeleton assists a worker from NODOSA2022-11-23T17:06:46+02:00
“Kinematics-based Adaptive Assistance of a Semi-Passive Upper-Limb Exoskeleton for Workers in Static and Dynamic Tasks”2022-10-19T11:43:28+02:00
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