D6.4 – Best practice handbook

Within the Mari4_YARD project, the work on Sustainability Assessment and Replicability aims to assess that the solutions developed in the project will be technically, environmentally, and safety-wise suitable to achieve the impact envisaged in the project, i.e., that they can be successfully applied in real life after the
end of the project. Complementary to Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation which will roll-out solutions once being developed, this work package will investigate in more technical and environmental detail the solutions and compare them with known external experiences, relevant to the target community: the small and medium european shipyards.
This Deliverable D6.4 gives a first overview of the best practices with respect to the different Mari4_YARD technologies. Each technology is briefly presented, and the potential applications are described. Expected benefits and obstacles are explained as well. Replicability and Life Cycle Performance Assessment results even though already foreseen in this document in most cases will be included in the update at the end of the project.

Disclaimer: the deliverable D6.4 must be approved by European Commission.

Download the deliverable D6.4