Mari4_YARD project is organised its 3rd Workshop in Hamburg, Germany.

On 9th November, in the afternoon, Hamburg University of Technology, partner of Mari4_YARD, will host the 3rd Workshop of the project.
Come and discover the worker-centric solutions that Mari4_YARD has developed for the EU shipbuilding.

Mari4_YARD focuses on four technological blocks: 3D modelling and digitalisation, robotics, augmented reality, and exoskeletons (see the technological portfolio of Mari4_YARD) with the aim to:

  • develop intuitive human-robot collaborative solutions allowing symbiotically integration of operators’ skills and dexterity into flexible and reconfigurable solutions in shared workspaces
  • develop handheld and portable AR/MR tools for assisting shipyard workers
  • develop AI-assisted exoskeletons for reducing fatigue and physical stress
  • implement a portfolio of worker-centric tools assisting in the execution of the labour-intensive tasks by preserving industry-specific workers’ knowledge and skills
  • demonstrate Mari4_YARD approach at real-scale targeting both shipbuilding and retrofitting in SME-shipyards, fostering results exploitation and enabling EU wide manufacturing adoption

More details are coming soon…
Registration for the workshop are now open! Register here

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