Mari4_YARD project organised its 3rd Workshop in Hamburg, Germany.

On 9th November, in the afternoon, Hamburg University of Technology, partner of Mari4_YARD, hosted the 3rd Workshop of the project.

The Mari4_YARD experts showcased the technological solutions developed during the first three years of the project: 3D modelling and digitalisation, robotics, augmented reality, and exoskeletons with a special attention in preserving industry-specific workers’ knowledge, skills, and health. In the worker-centric approach used by Mary4_YARD, the optimization of the production performance is led by the workers, increasing their own productivity by providing them with the right tools and information as well as improving their labour conditions.
During the workshop, visitors could walk around the exhibition booths and have a look at the different technologies we developed in Mari4_YARD, in place (where possible) or as a presentation- or video-demo.
It was a great opportunity to talk to the tech developers and give precious feedback from the stakeholders.

There was plenty of room for exchange and networking to foster the Mari4_YARD results exploitation and enabling EU wide manufacturing adoption in SM-shipyards.

Dive into the details of the event: view the results!