INESC TEC Publications

In November 2022, the Mari4_YARD partner INESC TEC published the paper “Object Segmentation for Bin Picking Using Deep Learning” in Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, Springer.

Bin picking based on deep learning techniques is a promising approach that can solve several analytical methods problems. These systems can provide accurate solutions to bin picking in cluttered environments, where the scenario is always changing. This article proposes a robust and accurate system for segmenting bin picking objects, employing an easy configuration to adjust the framework according to a specific object. The framework is implemented in Robot Operating System (ROS) and is divided into a detection and segmentation system. The detection system employs Mask R-CNN instance neural network to identify several objects from two dimensions (2D) grayscale images. The segmentation system relies on the point cloud library (PCL), manipulating 3D point cloud data according to the detection results to select particular points of the original point cloud, generating a partial point cloud result. Furthermore, to complete the bin picking system is employed a pose estimation approach based on matching algorithms, such as Iterative Closest Point (ICP). The system was evaluated for two types of objects, knee tube and triangular wall support, ion cluttered environments. It displayed an average precision of 79% for both models, an average recall of 92% and an average IOU of 89%. As exhibited throughout the article, this system demonstrates high accuracy in cluttered environments with several occlusions for different types of objects.

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