The Concept

The Didactic Factories Network consists of open and real-scale demonstrators for workforce training at the EU level to accelerate the adoption of novel methodologies in shipbuilding.

The Mari4_YARD Didactic Factories allow the demonstration of the feasibility of the developed technologies and the search for new applications through workshops with end-users and system integrators. Furthermore, it increases the impact of the developments through the demonstration of technologies in real application scenarios and under conditions given by potential end-users. As an example, it could be possible to define new process conditions and make an assessment in the Didactic Factory network before acquiring or expending resources in real processes (welding, handling, etc). Therefore, it will be possible to perform experimentation and provide prototyping space to technological-based companies.

The Objectives

  • To provide upskilling and re-skilling of the shipyard’s workforce
  • To show how these new technologies could be used to advance shipyard processes
  • To provide infrastructure for third parties to test new technologies and solutions (technology developers and system integrators)

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The Network

The Didactic Factories Network includes research centres and showroom facilities with the purpose of training and skilling-up workers for the new technologies, as well as for providing services. The Network is currently limited to 5 Pilot Lines: AIMEN, INESC (iiLAB), LMS, SSSA and TUHH, but it will be expanded to increase its capacity of dealing with more technologies, as well as to cover a larger European area.

The objective is to raise awereness of the adoption of user-centric tools throughout the European ecosystem, emphasizing the importance of improvement and adoption of new technologies for shipbuilding. Moreover, the Didactic Factories will contribute to extend the use of the developed technologies to further industrial sectors and application areas.

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The training courses

Training of personnel is an essential part of the efficiency and competitiveness of the EU workforce, in all areas,
including the shipbuilding and ship-repairing industry. For that reason, Mari4_YARD organizes a series of training activities (both internal and external to the consortium). The trainings are part of the activities linked to the Didactic Factories, where it is possible to test and have a hands-on approach on the new technologies used for the shipbuilding and retrofitting.

In fact, a thorough analysis of the European shipbuilding sector has highlighted some gaps in the digitization and optimization of production processes, data analysis, and programming; as well as the lack of skills in automation, engineering, transferable (soft) skills (i.e. critical thinking and problem solving), information and communication technologies, health and safety.

The main objective of the training is to contribute to fill these gaps in the current and future EU shipbuilding workforce to facilitate the adoption of the new user-centric tools  developed in the project.

All the training courses will take place between April and June 2024.

Registration is free of charge but mandatory.

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